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Eric Pudalov, Tech writer, experienced search engine explorer, Tor/I2P/Freenet user

There are a number of dark web sites I know of that advertise the sale of fake IDs (and other such documents), but I have no idea if any of them are reliable or not.

Honestly, there are numerous scams on Tor and other darknets, so I wouldn't be able to tell a scam site from a genuine one as far as fake IDs go.

What I will say is that I generally trust the markets that are listed on DeepDotWeb - Surfacing The News From The Deep Web — while this may sound like spam, I swear it's not. The site DarkNetMarkets - Best Deep Web Market Links, List and Reviews has a similar list, as does Dark Web Reviews - Dark Net Rating & Reviews. (The latter two are partner sites of DeepDotWeb.)

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These sites have up-to-date lists of darknet markets (although the last site is still in the process of being finished), and if you were to trust any sites for getting fake IDs, I would use those.

However, even among the trusted markets, there may be scam vendors, which is why it's helpful to use the forums associated with each site to weed out (no pun intended) the vendors that might take advantage of you. On the forums, members frequently review vendors that have scammed them — or, on the positive side, they do also compliment the ones that have followed through.

Creation License Ioncube - Blog Also, people sometimes join the subreddit /r/darknetmarkets, which has reviews of different markets and vendors, as well as a “superlist” of markets they trust. Although the most popular products over there seem to be drugs, not fake IDs — so that may or may not be helpful.

You always run a risk when attempting to purchase illegal goods over the dark web, because you don't know with whom you're dealing, and therefore you can get scammed.

Your best bet is to delve into the dark web and find out for yourself, because I can only tell you so much.

That, or figure out how to make the fake IDs yourself — hey, that might be a lucrative business if you were a non-scammer! (Please note the sarcasm there.)

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Creation License Ioncube - Blog
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